Endangered Species

Under-appreciated and usually smaller than today’s McMansions, modern houses from the 20th century are disappearing from the architectural ecosystem. Some champions, though, are finding ways to save them.

  • Halprin House Hayden Walling
  • Berkowitz-Odgis House Steven Holl
  • Dayton Residence Romaldo Giurgola
  • Hulse Pavilion Anthony Ames
  • Connell House Richard Neutra
  • Hatch Cottage Jack Hall
  • Van Dekker House Rudolph Schindle

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Reflection Field by Phillip K. Smith

By day, the monolithic mirrored volumes are prisms of earth and sky. By night, they become expansive fields of colour.

(Source: royaleprojects.com)


Casa Till by WMR Arquitectos

The spaces are articulated under a 3.2m modular structure with a perimetral exterior space that is larger than the interior.

(Source: architectureopenlibrary.com)